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Just out a few weeks ago in paperback, this book is one of the sanest voices in modern parenting.

But don't take my word for it: I am definitely biased because it's written by my very much adored pal and collaborator (and, erm... he just might have consulted me on the odd chapter here and there 😜).

See what Gabor Maté, Manda Scott and a slew of other woke brains have been saying. Plus I've got an extract for you... all below.


Rich in edifying insight and illuminating case examples, Louis Weinstock confronts us with uncomfortable truths—the better to guide towards creating a world that is comfortable for our children and supports their healthy development." Gabor Maté

This is a book everyone needs to read for the raw honesty with which Louis explores the reality of our broken-ness and the integrity, authenticity and compassion with which he shows us that nobody is beyond redemption." Manda Scott

This gorgeously caring and deeply conscientious book pulls in case studies, playful meditations and simple exercises with life-changing historical and scientific insights. It's kind of in a class of its own.


It's a guide to raising children in a turbulent world


Meet Louis 😍 You can probably see that he's a playful, fun friend - and I can tell you that he truly believes in the magnificence of the human heart and the possibility of a better world.

He's also proper!

As well as being killer smart, thoughtful and loving, he's incredibly humble. So since he doesn't shout about the wonders he brings forth, I am!

He's one of the most extraordinary therapists that I’ve come across. Always over-subscribed.

I didn't even know til I met some of his friends that he had set up a school for traumatised children.

Not to mention that he co-founded Apart of Me, a multi-award-winning charity that helps young people transform their grief into compassion.

His work has been featured on the BBC, ITV, and in the Guardian among many others. 

[OK, shouting about Louis complete 😜. You get the idea.]

This one-page extract includes a brief guided journey back into your body:

If that whets your appetite, you can download chapter one for free from Louis' website.

And if it sparks a ravening hunger, I highly recommend you go all out and buy his brilliant, award-winning book!

Plus... stay tuned for the collaboration Louis and I are working on... hopefully we'll announce that before the end of this year 🙌🏼



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