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Meet Roma ~ 

Parenting specialist transforming slammed doors to giggling on the sofa, through connection & deep listening

I offer parenting consultations and in-depth courses to help you make profound change

12 week Parenting Programme

This 1-1 programme will not only give you confidence and strategies for navigating your work as a parent, you’ll notice a fundamental shift in your way of being.

Total Parenting Reboot

Banish meltdowns and drama
See your family thrive
A 10-week online course to learn a cutting-edge, progressive approach to Parenting and get them to stop doing THAT THING so you can actually enjoy family life!

Deep Work

Attend to stuck emotions, address unworkable patterns
Join a 6-month self-recovery programme for thriving beyond old limits - and start to live the life you’ve longed for

Roma Norriss

Dubbed “the Nigella of parenting’, Roma Norriss turns around scratch-your-eyes-out-hard family situations where nothing else has worked. She can be sighted in a naughty red dress but in actuality spends most of her time coaching internationally from her bed in pyjamas with her hair standing on end. 

Roma has been working with parents (as a Birthworker, NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor and Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor) since 2006 and is a warm, overconfident, prolific, playful, pattern interrupter who somehow has the answers to your life.

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