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“I thought, it’s free, I’ll give it a shot. I didn’t expect to be so touched and to learn so much from the others. It’s been super helpful!”

"What you are doing is different to most of the support I have been offered... so much more holistic and meaningful."

Roma Norriss

with Relationship-Focused Parenting Consultant

Roma Norriss

  • A rare chance to receive FREE laser-focused 1-1 coaching online
  • Benefit from my many years of experience and insight on your specific parenting struggles
  • Step into the virtual "warm seat" or just watch and learn from the safety of your own home!
  • Go back to your kids relieved / empowered / re-inspired / validated / more confident / heard
  • Drop in whenever you can during the 75-min call
  • No replay - you need to join us live - and camera-off is fine 😍

(If you have trouble signing up, please email me)

90-second clips from previous sessions

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