with Roma Norriss and Alison Kemi
Hand in Hand Parenting Instructors
  • Can’t do cry-it-out but wait-it-out is making you crazy?

  •  Want to know why your child won’t sleep?

  •  And more importantly HOW TO RESOLVE this debilitating cycle of exhaustion?

    Find out what's really going on and what you can do to change this for good.



3 Fridays @ 11am GMT for 90 minutes

25th February
11th March
25th March

Finally nail your nightmare sleep story

  • Get your kids to sleep easily without cry-it-out or gradual extinction
  • Learn a truly effective sleep method that puts connection at its centre
  • Eliminate night waking, night terrors, bed wetting or early rising
  • Get your evenings back!
  • Get some sleep! 


Get your life back on the rails

  • Discover how to really relax your child's nervous system ready for sleep (clue: it isn't going to be because of your clockwork routine or lavender baths)
  • Learn how to lift out stress and tension and help your child feel close to you at the end of the day
  • Unpick any issues that you are bringing to the dynamic (the uncomfortable truth is that you are most likely unconsciously contributing in some way to your child’s “problem”)

We have (slept)walked in your shoes

Let us walk you through step-by-step and guide you so you always know what you need to be doing next in this 3 part workshop series.

You'll have the support of us - two parenting instructors who have found the way out of our own complex sleep issues with our children (more below!), of other sleep-destroyed parents and access to our private Facebook group.

Replays will be available but we encourage you to join live to get your individual questions answered.


What You Get

Hand in Hand Parenting Instructors Roma Norriss and Alison Kemi will be sharing with you:

  • 3 x 90-minute calls where we answer your individual questions and walk you step-by-step through the process
  • 19 x Instructional Videos (10-15 mins each) $79 Value
  • 9 x 'Listening to Children' e-booklets $29 value 

Topics covered

  • The 5-step method to help your child sleep through the night
  • Building sleep confidence
  • Overcoming night terrors, restless sleep, and bedwetting
  • The steps to relaxed sleep
  • How to handle your own emotional moments

You'll also learn

  • How to set limits around bedtime
  • How to identify the source of your child's night time anxiety and build sleep confidence
  • Why a sense of connection is so vital to your child's healthy sleep
  • The importance of emotional support for yourself when parenting gets hard 


This approach is different from anything you’ve heard before.

It truly IS the missing piece that is going to make the difference.




There are a limited number of bursary places available at £30. Please apply here by 20th February. You'll hear from us by email if you are successful.

How’s THIS for a success story?

Roma says "My client was so radically impressed with the Hand In Hand approach that she trained as an instructor herself!"

Alison Kemi (above left) came to me in 2018 for help with her “impossible” sleep situation: Her 14-month-old wouldn't nap anywhere but on her chest (with the exact combination of dimmed lights, white noise, rocking and bum-patting) or in the buggy (on the right surface with a steady stream of traffic nearby and the shade at the correct angle so he could catch a glimpse of her but not see her face).

At night, he would only sleep in the bed with her and woke 5 times minimum and often hourly or even half-hourly.

Alison was on her knees when she came to me

She got so much from how we resolved the dynamic together that she was motivated to train as a Hand in Hand instructor.

I couldn’t be more proud / delighted / fulfilled by this kind of success! 

Even better still - since Alison’s motivation to train was to be able to help more burned-out parents who are struggling like she was - we are now offering something wonderful together.

I really hope you will give yourself the break you deserve and let us lead you out of the spiral of sleep deprivation!


Roma x


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