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Is This It?

You are a fierce, accomplished life warrior. You do big adult things, skillfully, all the time, yet somehow there’s an area of your life where you feel completely small and helpless. You have the self awareness to know exactly what is driving the pattern.


Unresolved trauma, unhealthy relationship patterns and boundary issues are all things you’ve done loads of work on, but you can’t seem to shift the one thing that keeps you stuck, miserable and disempowered.


You’ve had enough of battling feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, and depression on a daily basis. There is a gnawing feeling deep within you that things could and should feel better than this, that you’re not reaching your fullest potential, that time is slipping through your fingers.


And if you’re honest you’ve been lonely for a long time. There’s an ever expanding gap between you and the people around you and it feels like no one really sees you.


You long for friendships that are deep and thrilling and an overflowing relational life laced with regular doses of high grade intimacy.

“I feel braver. I feel calmer. I've got better boundaries. I’m better at making decisions. There’s not so much chaos. I started exercising after 15 years of not doing so.”

“I’ve done years of therapy, being a therapist myself and I’ve never felt such safety and warmth as you provide. Nothing I’ve done in therapy has been anything like this effective.”

Through this Programme You Can:

  • Uncover the root cause of many patterns in your life

  • Shed the heavy burden of unresolved terror, shame, trauma, or grief that perpetually dampens your spirit

  • Release old blocks, negative thought patterns, and limiting beliefs, and learn to get out of your own way 

  • Navigate areas of your emotional terrain that remain unprocessed within the safety of a container of deep presence and care

  • Explore your desires and boundaries (and get to see how good it can feel to say no)

“I feel like I’ve been on a travelator and everyone else is just walking”

“Deep Work has made me feel less alone and touched places I didn’t even know were there.”

A richer, happier, healthier life is possible 


You aren’t failing if you’re struggling. We don’t get taught in school many of the skills we need to thrive in this ever-changing world (and few of us had it modelled by the grown ups who raised us).

Throw our toxic cultural myth of individualism into the mix - the idea that we should be able to go it alone - and no wonder we find ourselves struggling.

The truth is, your vulnerability is the key to a more gratifying existence and it’s through our interdependency that we resolve trauma and thrive.

There is support available, and you are worthy of it, just as you are deserving of reaching your fullest potential, and living a life that lights you up. 

The days of braving it alone and pushing through are numbered.

Enter: Deep Work


And so I offer you Deep Work, my 6-month self-mastery programme. This process is built on everything I’ve learned through a decade of unravelling people and through navigating my own emotional work thus far.

This will be the 9th cohort of Deep Work and it has been carefully refined through each of its previous incarnations.

You should know, it’s not for the faint-hearted. It’s an alchemical melting pot for the parts of yourself you are ready to shed to make space for your unapologetic wholeness.

You will come undone and be rearranged.

You’ll feel inexplicably lighter.

You’ll be able to move forward in places you were previously frozen.

It’s about the artistry of deep emotional transformation, and facilitating ripples of profound and positive change in all aspects of your life.

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What our intrepid Emotional Adventurers have to say


“I have been on earth for 50 years, and no other person has had anywhere near the amazingly positive impact on my life. I would have been a shadow of myself if it hadn’t been for you. You have an utterly amazing ability to be present and help people get to and release feelings. You are in a league of your own.”

Kickass adoptive mama, Norway


"Hearing other people showed me that I’m not more fucked up than anyone else. I’m risking friendship. I never believed anyone could want to be friends with me before and now I notice people seem to be able to see parts of me and appreciate me. I feel like I’ve been on a travelator and everyone else is just walking."

Big-hearted midwife mama, UK


“This gorgeously nurturing course, in which you are warmly held by Roma and a small community of other like-minded souls, allows you to see clearly the old patterns/emotions and automatic ways of living and behaving that are no longer serving you. I am becoming more authentically myself than ever before. Highly recommended!”

Sparkly single mama, New Zealand

Take The Plunge And You Will...

  • Find more balance and ease, and improve the quality of connection in all the relationships in your life

  • Solve previously unworkable issues in your life around power, relationship or security

  • Learn to connect with your body with more curiosity, gratitude, and compassion

  • Dare to speak up for yourself with a newfound assertiveness 

  • Master new skills to help you regulate your emotional state no matter life throws at you, allowing you to feel more solid and resourced

  • Gain clarity on your desires and dreams and move beyond the emotional blocks that prevent you pursuing them

  • Become more entirely and unapologetically YOU than you’ve ever been before

Upcoming Dates

Roma Norriss

Starts 1 May 2024

with Magdalena Garcia

About Magdalena

Group calls Wednesdays
8pm UK (GMT/BST)


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What You Get

Deep Work is an immersive 6-month container with individually-tailored personal guidance from me and rich interwoven layers of support

  • Weekly Pod - 1 hour
  • Monthly 1-1 Consultation - 1 hour
  • Monthly Issue-led Intensives
  • Deep Work Handbook
  • Daily Deep Work Gratitude Practice
  • Thought-provoking, habit-changing Gratitude Journal
  • Buddy & Telegram Support

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Take The Plunge
There are two bursary places for ÂŁ1200. Closing date for bursaries is 29th February.

If you would like to be considered for these, please complete the relevant sections on the application form.

Here's what we'll do...

The course is online which means you can do it from anywhere in a way that fits in easily around the rest of your life, and allows you to integrate your discoveries and experience their benefits as you go.

Weekly Group Calls

You’ll join a group with 4 other intrepid emotional adventurers and meet weekly with Magdalena. This closed, intimate group will be a source of perhaps previously unparalleled intimacy and connection. You’ll start to look forward to this weekly dose of uplifting, meaningful connection and release. 
60 mins per week
Wednesdays 8-9pm

All times are UK (GMT or BST)

Monthly One-to-Ones

My undivided attention on you each month. My approach is somatic and trauma informed and we go deep. I'll help you pinpoint what is underneath your current struggle and suggest ways of working with it throughout the rest of the programme. 
60 mins per month

Monthly Buddy Intensives

You’ll spend a week each month (you can choose which week) in a guided, issue-led intensive with a buddy, a powerful practice of daily 10-min explorations, which can bring to light and shift some of your most involuntary patterns. 
60 mins per month

SOS Support and Daily Gratitude Practice

Stay connected with the group, reach out for listening when you need to and participate in the daily gratitude practice. Telegram Group

Monthly Themes

Each month has a particular focus. The sum of these topics is expansive, making this programme truly holistic in its approach, touching upon all parts of your being and life:


What is your relationship with money? What does ‘home’ mean to you? What do you need to feel safe/ secure/ that you have enough/ know that you are deserving? What’s behind your resistance to scheduling/budgeting/cleaning? 

How do you experience attachment with your loved ones? What are your needs in relationship with others? What happens when you’re in a group dynamic? What’s your relationship to rejection? What addictive/compulsive behaviours do you have around love/approval?

What is your connection to your personal power? How do you relate to those in positions of authority? What stands in the way of you taking up space? Or reaching for what you want?  

How loud do you allow yourself to be? What are the things you’ve dared not express? What societal biases and oppressions have you internalised? How comfortable are you saying yes, and no? What skills do you need to communicate skilfully?

How can you attune yourself more to magic and synchronicity in your life? How connected do you feel to the guidance of your intuition? What is your relationship like with trust and surrendering control? What would you like to manifest in your life and how do you get there?

What are your health needs and how can you better attend to them? How is your relationship with food, and exercise? In what ways could you be more open to receiving abundance? 


It’s a lot, I know! And you will be supported and cared for throughout, and by the end of the programme there are no limits to the transformation that is possible.

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