De-code what is causing your specific family dynamic

Receive clear step-by-step instructions for recovery

And feel sure-footed as you focus on what is really going to make the difference

The Family Turnaround Session

aka "Insight Call"

“I’m so grateful to you, Roma, for giving me something that I didn’t even know was possible.”

“OMG, this work is transformational. Words do it no justice. I’m in awe. Thank you.”

Can it be that simple?


The repeated regret I hear from the parents I work with is:


“If I’d had any idea how radically different things could be, I would have taken action months / years ago”.


I work with parents all the time to restore sweetness and sanity where there was chaos and desperation. Read some of these hope-inducing real-life stories of dire situations come good.

I’d really love for you to not be one of those regretful mamas or papas when the insights and tools you need are available here and now.

The Family Turnaround Session is also the first step to working with me longer-term.

Turn your family around

75-min Zoom session


Includes your individualised, step-by-step Family Recovery Plan

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What you get

  • 75 minutes of my laser-focus code-breaking your specific, unique family constellation, circumstance and history

  • My 1,000s of hours experience working with families and my rock-solid confidence in transforming impossibly challenging and tricky situations

  • A total paradigm shift: a re-orientation in how you approach and understand parenting - in a way that gives you hope

  • Your Family Recovery Plan - a detailed, individualised document, outlining ste-by-step what you need to focus on and in what order

  • Resources and links to free resources and tools to support you on this journey

  • Access to a global community of parents using this same approach who are available to support you

My Story


Hi, I'm Roma. I really wanted to excel at parenting. It was really important to me and yet not only did I find it hard, I was actually failing in significant ways that felt out of my control.

I longed for a parenting mentor who would tell me what to do, but most importantly help me regulate the strong feelings that came up in response to situations that felt unmanageable, worrying or upsetting.

When I discovered this approach, it was revelatory. It was like a piece of information and techniques for managing myself and my kids that had been missing.

I could see how other parents around me needed this piece too. And when I started sharing it they were just as grateful as I had been for how much more sane family life became. I go into more of my story in the video below.

The Family Turnaround Session


I’ve helped thousands of families turn their situation around through this trauma-informed, neuroscience-based progressive parenting paradigm. This cutting-edge lens acts as a “code-breaker”, to reveal that even seemingly complex or embedded issues and dynamics boil down to one or two simple factors.

In your 75-minute Zoom session, we’ll map out the unique cluster of circumstances that have led you here. We’ll examine in some depth the underlying reasons for your child’s behaviour and explore the history of your relationship with them.

Most crucially, you’ll emerge with a step-by-step Family Recovery Plan.

Once you have understanding about what has led you to this point, clarity about what is needed, some simple tools and enough support, apparently hopeless situations come out bright. I experienced this in my own family - which is why I trained to be able to empower other parents with the same Get Out of Jail Free card I was so lucky to stumble upon!

Well, OK, it’s not “free”. It’s very simple to understand and, like anything worthwhile, it can be hard to implement. But what I can promise to do is hand you the keys to the kingdom so you can finally stop searching and get on with taking steps in the right direction. With clear instructions as to exactly what to do.

Having this North Star to orient to saves you a lot of energy investing in the wrong kinds of short-term fixes.

After this Session, if you don’t feel confident to go-it-alone in implementing your family's recovery plan, then you’re always welcome to 12 weeks of my experience and support, walking you through the process step-by-step or ad hoc sessions when needed.

So well done. You’re here and you’ve found it.

You can put down the exhausting search and just focus on recovery now.

Parents who have worked with me say:


“The whole thing has been life-changing and I can’t thank you enough. I’m feeling so much more connected to my son and it has changed everything. I can’t believe it - I’m on a high, It’s been SUCH a shift. I can’t tell you how helpful this is.

The huge progress right now is I’m managing not to shout and becoming more available and my son, who was shut down and isolated from me is now seeking me out for connection”

Maria, single mother


"I was in a place of feeling confused and hurt by my children’s reactivity and responses to me, despite my best efforts. I now have a frame for dealing with my boys in a much more resourced, considerate way. Roma’s compassionate, caring ability to support and attune to me and help me process my emotions opened up space for me to, in turn, give my children more support as and when they need it. Thank you so much, Roma!"

Tony, dad of two


“Last month was tricky ... I was getting helpless again. But now, equipped with all the tools you modelled, I got reminded and started showing up again. Back on track within days. As soon as I drop one or more of the tools, we get caught up again. But I feel we've really got this. Powerful. For a lifetime.

Not a day goes by when I don’t speak of you. Highly. Always. In fact I cried yesterday listening to a recording of your voice…”

Eileen, adoptive mother

What I already know about you...

  • You are highly capable and competent and it feels excruciating to see your kid struggling to this degree (and you perhaps feel a sense of shame around this).
  • You’re intelligent, have done a lot of self-development and understand all-too-painfully the impact of your own childhood on your adult life.
  • You’re committed to doing everything in your power to prevent your familial patterns passing down to your kids and a level of excellence in your parenting is deeply important to you.
  • You have been in crisis with one or more of your kids for longer than you can bear but somehow you haven't been able to reach out for help.
  • You’re longing to find an approach that matches the thoughtfulness and sophistication you put into your family. 
  • You’ve likely parented somewhat outside-the-box and tend to see through conventional strategies. You can’t get 100% behind any of the solutions on offer: they don’t feel or you don't trust their effectiveness.
  • If you knew for sure that there was an approach that would genuinely shift these dysfunctional patterns as well as being confident that you are parenting with utmost integrity, you’d be all in.


Here's how this approach has worked for others who went on to work with me:

I love a challenge.

If you're thinking, "These stories sound impressive but surely wouldn't work with my particular IMPOSSIBLE family situation"...


75-min Family Turnaround Session


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“My precious N would not have received the support he needed from me to become the incredible, emotionally balanced, good natured, relaxed, confident teenage boy he is If it hadn’t been for my sessions with you.”

“You are a shining light in the world and you have an utterly amazing ability to be present and help people get to and release feelings like no other person I have ever met. You are in a league of your own”

More about this approach


My Story... going deeper


In this video I speak about how isolated, desperate and ashamed I felt with the unpredictable behaviour of a constantly triggered and anxious young child.

I was doing my best to hold it together through willpower but became so stressed I started losing it at my child. And where I needed extra understanding and support from family and friends I experienced judgment and avoidance.

Nothing was helping. Not paediatricians, not clearing geopathic stress and nothing in between!

Scouring the internet for answers, I found Hand In Hand and began the journey towards reclaiming my child and our lives. 

I trained with Hand in Hand and have subsequently developed my own form strongly informed by that approach and incorporating other elements relevant to trauma recovery and nervous system repair.

My mission is to share this with other struggling parents.

There IS hope.

Life can be wonderful again!

Turn your family around

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“Working with you has had such a positive effect on my family. Through listening to me with such care and acceptance you allowed me to feel heard in a very special way. This enabled me to shed hurts I didn’t even realise I was carrying and left me so much more free to parent in the way I want to.”

“You're remarkable, as I'm sure hear a lot. The safety that emanates from you allows me to access deep emotion which I wasn't even aware was within me. Thanks to you listening and accepting me without judgement, I have been able to come to terms with many aspects of my past."

Still not convinced I can help with your particular situation?

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