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Hi, I'm Vee


My passion lies in empowering you to “find your voice” and deeply “come home” into your body, your gifts and your life purpose. Through recognising and giving space to that which blocks this natural alignment, you effortlessly settle back into your centre and rediscover the power, assertiveness and authenticity which have been there all along.

As if by magic, you notice that you are setting clear boundaries without even trying, moving easefully towards long-cherished dreams, doing the exercise / diet / training you’ve been avoiding for years - and so much more.

As a facilitator, I am told I am calming, warm, sincere and sensitively attuned. To be a witness to this kind of magic - which ripples out into every area of life - relationship, family, career, financial, health - is my greatest delight. I sometimes have to pinch myself to believe I get to take these transformational journeys with such incredible women!

Nervous System Whisperer


I began facilitating personal development spaces in 2001 through holding yoga and voice workshops and sold-out retreats. I have been leading Listening interventions within the local community since 2014 and assisting the Total Parenting Reboot (Starter Class) and Listening School since 2015.

Since 2019, I have been mentored by Buster Rådvik and Rachel Rickards of Embodied Intimacy in trauma-informed embodiment practices and somatic regulation. Assisting their in-person and online trainings, I also worked with them to create, launch and manage their flagship trauma-informed online training ReSource 2020-2022. I'm excited to be on the team for The Field Facilitator Training in 2023 and co-facilitating with Rachel Rickards and Christian Pankhurst.

I have completely fallen in love with the depth a small group of people can reach over time. Creating safety and facilitating support pods on both ReSource and the Starter Classes feels like one of the things I have been put on earth to do.

My life path has taken me from being someone who couldn’t sing in the presence of another human being 20 years ago to being a professional singer and recording artist. Along that sometimes tortuous journey, I encountered intense terror, paralysis, panic, entrenched resistance and utter despair. I’ve worked as a BBC Broadcast Journalist and an independent film producer and I’ve lived with burnout and chronic illness for a decade. I’ve crawled through some dark tunnels and found light on the other side.

I’ve always been sensitive and deeply intuitive and my life’s path has added a depth of compassion - and an unshakeable faith in the potential of the human heart to rise from the ashes and shine brighter than ever!

Praise for Vaishnavi


"Rushing in as an excited and joyful child to tell Vaishnavi that I treasure your love and radiance, your beautiful energy of witnessing and believing in us and your embodied knowing from walking this journey yourself. I feel I have stepped into a new bright place, over a threshold never to return. Your offering has changed my life."


GW, Embodiment Therapist & Coach, UK



"You are a natural. Most importantly to me, you were so sensitively moving with me, it was wonderful, that is the most important thing.

I enjoyed it, I appreciated it and I received some important pointers. So thank you very much!"


HD, Trauma Therapist & Somatic Counsellor, Netherlands


"It was helpful to have encouragement and support to move and feel my body to try to delve into both the fear of the situation and ultimately a feeling of reassurance. I felt like you were careful in your approach. I appreciated the attitude of exploring together rather than an expert-learner dynamic. Grateful for the time and exploration together."

MM, Occupational Therapist, Wales

What You Get

Deep Work is an immersive 6-month container with individually-tailored personal guidance from me and rich interwoven layers of support

  • Weekly Pod - 1 hour
  • Monthly 1-1 Consultation - 1 hour
  • Monthly Issue-led Intensives
  • Deep Work Handbook
  • Daily Deep Work Gratitude Practice
  • Thought-provoking, habit-changing Gratitude Journal
  • Buddy & Whatsapp Support

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The next cohort of Deep Work with Vaishnavi 
starts Thursday 2nd  November 2023


Here's what we'll do...

The course is online which means you can do it from anywhere in a way that fits in easily around the rest of your life, and allows you to integrate your discoveries and experience their benefits as you go.

Weekly Group Calls

You’ll join a group of 4 other intrepid emotional adventurers and meet weekly. This closed, intimate group will be a source of perhaps previously unparalleled intimacy and connection. You’ll start to look forward to this weekly dose of uplifting, meaningful connection and release. 60 mins each week - on Thursdays @ 8pm GMT. 


My undivided attention on you each month. My approach is somatic and trauma informed and we go deep. I'll help you pinpoint what is underneath your current struggle and suggest ways of working with it throughout the rest of the programme. 60 mins per month

Buddy Intensives

You’ll spend a week each month in a guided issue-led intensive with a buddy, a powerful practice of daily explorations, which can bring to light and shift some of your most involuntary patterns. One week each month - approx 30 mins daily

SOS Support and Daily Gratitude Practice

Stay connected with the gang, reach out for listening when you need to and participate in the daily gratitude practice. Whatsapp Group

Monthly Themes

Each month has a particular focus. The sum of these topics is expansive, making this programme truly holistic in its approach, touching upon all parts of your being and life:


Security – What is your relationship with money? What does ‘home’ mean to you? What do you need to feel safe/ secure/ that you have enough/ know that you are deserving? What’s behind your resistance to scheduling/budgeting/cleaning? 

Intimacy – How do you experience attachment with your loved ones? What are your needs in relationship with others? What happens when you’re in a group dynamic? What’s your relationship to rejection? What addictive/compulsive behaviours do you have around love/approval?

Power – What is your connection to your personal power? How do you relate to those in positions of authority? What stands in the way of you taking up space? Or reaching for what you want?  

Voice – How loud do you allow yourself to be? What are the things you’ve dared not express? What societal biases and oppressions have you internalised? How comfortable are you saying yes, and no? What skills do you need to communicate skilfully?

Intuition –  How can you attune yourself more to magic and synchronicity in your life? How connected do you feel to the guidance of your intuition? What is your relationship like with trust and surrendering control? What would you like to manifest in your life and how do you get there?

Radiance – What are your health needs and how can you better attend to them? How is your relationship with food, and exercise? In what ways could you be more open to receiving abundance? 


It’s a lot, I know! And you will be supported and cared for throughout, and by the end of the programme there are no limits to the transformation that is possible.

Your investment for the Deep Work programme is £2700

There are two bursary places at £1200. If you would like to be considered for one, please complete the relevant section on the application form.

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